Galatzó – Puntal del Tamborero | 260 km.

Moleta del Tosal and Puntal del Tamborero, two peaks of Aragon region sights from Pic de Galatzó (Mallorca)

By Fernando de Angulo
Camera Olympus SP590 UZ
Lens DF (eq.) 676 mm – f./5  1/125 secons. ISO 125
Date August 8th 2016
One hicking for to see a sunset from one summit of Mallorca turned into a contemplation of distant horizons beyond the line of the sea. In Aragón, far away of Valencia region…  May be the first image from these part of Spain from the island.

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Mont Caro – Monte Perdido | 210 km.


By Juanjo Diaz de Argandoña
Camera Nikon D5100 @ ISO200 – 1/400
Lens Sigma 70 – 300 DG APO @ 122 mm. – f./8
Date December 26th 2015 – 17:23
After a long day maintaining its status as the third highest peak in the Pyrenees range, Monte Perdido is covered with red light from the setting sun.
Actually, this is the reason why Pyrenees have this name: Pyros in latin language, means fire.

Mont Caro – Comaloforno | 203 km.


By Juanjo Diaz de Argandoña
Camera Nikon D5100 @ ISO200 – 1/320
Lens ED80 APO Refractor Telescope
Date December 26th 2015 – 17:30
Mont Caro is an isolated mountain located very close to the Mediterranean Sea on the East coast of Spain.
Its height has made it famous for its hurricane force winds when a low pressure system comes close to our country and NE winds blow throught the Ebro valley nearby.
In this case, its height allows us to achieve magnificient views during the evening.

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Puy de la Seche – Pic de l’Infern | 403 km.

agrandissement pic de prats de bassibes

By Joseph Mordelet
Camera Canon Eos 1100d
Lens zoom sigma 70/300 à 300mm – f/7.1 – 1/200 – ISO 100
Date January 6th 2015 – 17:30

The farthest sunset ever captured!

The silhouette of the Canigó massif and Pic de Prats de Bacivers (Pyreness) in front of the sun with a superior mirage effect .
It’s probably currently the farthest sharp photo (*1) of a horizon made from another land point and and possibly also the most distant setting sun photographed. In this regard it’s a new world record.

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Barcelona – Mallorca Island | 193 km.

Mallorca bret BH names

By Marc Bret
Camera Panasonic Lumix FZ72
Lens Zoom-Nikkor ED @ 51 mm. – f/5.5 – v:1/60
Date November 18th 2014 – 17:17
The profile of the Serra de Tramuntana in the north of Mallorca is visible from Barcelona several times throughout each year but few people realize.
The best place to achieve a beautiful view is from the Tibidabo mountain, the highest hill in the city. Great transparency days make Mallorca very easily to be seen with the naked eye and occupies a wide extension of the horizon.
The best moments usually be at dawn, especially in autumn and winter. However, this image was possible at sunset and even with a few clouds.

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Mallorca – Aitana / Puig Campana | 261 km

Panoramic composite of 2 uncropped pictures stitched togteher
By Marcos Molina
Camera Canon eos 7D @ ISO100 – 1/800
Lens Nikon 600mm f/5.6 manual – f/11 (35mm equiv = 960 mm)
Date January 21st 2012 – 18:02
The three highest elevations in Alicante province seen from Puig de Galatzó top, Mallorca, at sunset. The sun behind a scene hugely helps to increase contrast and visibilty of very distant objects, usually invisible.

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Mallorca – Pyrenees (Tossal de la Muga) | 307 km

100% zoom crop of the original picture (below)
By Marcos Molina
Camera Canon eos 5D Mark II @ ISO200 – 1/50
Lens Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM @ 400 mm – f/11
+ Canon converter 1.4x (= 560 mm)
Date February 28th 2010 – 17:00
My first sight of the snowy Pyrenees from Mallorca, crossing the Mediterranean sea and entire Catalonia for 300 km, as seen from Puig Roig summit (1002 m.) at Tramuntana hills.

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