Anchorange – Denali | 218 km.

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By Josep Manchado
Camera Nikon E5700
Lens Zoom-Nikkor ED @ 71.2 mm. – f./ 2.8
Date June 28th 2003 – 22:02
Formerly known as Denali by local natives, Mt. McKinley is the highest peak in N. America.
The peak has a large potential distant horizon and it is also found in an area of the planet where the air is usually free of pollution. The severe and changing weather also contributes to produce high transparency.
When it happens, the result may be one of the most magnificent views on Earth.

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Montseny – Serra de Tramuntana | 239 km.


By Ramon Ibarz 
Camera Nikon D90 @ ISO250 – 1/100
Lens Sigma 17-70 DC OS @ 70 mm. – f./4
Date December 6th 2010 – 16:58
Sometimes, the mountainous landscape of Mallorca can be seen from some points in the Iberian Peninsula. From the highest elevations of the Montseny massif is where you can see the island in its greater length when the air is very clean.

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Mont Caro – Mallorca | 240 Km.

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By Marc Bret Gumà
Camera Panasonic Lumix DSC-FZ72 EXR @ ISO160 – 1/160
Lens 215 mm (equiv. 35mm: 1800mm) @ f/8
Date January 15rd 2015 – 08:17
Three and a half weeks before and after the winter solstice, the sun rises behind Sierra de Tramuntana in Mallorca island, as seen from a summit in southern Catalonia. This is helpful to portray those mountains, which would otherwise require higher transparency.

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