Serra del Monte – Monte Viso | 158 km.

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By Fabrizio Giudici
Camera Sony a6000

Sony FE 70-200mm f/4 G OSS

Date November 7th 2015
From a nice village in the Apenins Mountains in Italy there is a very over the Alps that can be really beautiful. Our great contributor Fabrizio Giudici is located near this magnificient viewpoint and always tries to find the best possible picture of Europe’s highest mountains.
Here it is a perfect example of that.

As written by the author itself, we can know the details of the picture:

“As I explained in a previous contribution, the Apennines behind my home town, Genoa, are a pretty nice location for far visions of the Alps. Generally one might wish a crystal clear day for taking photos, but by taking advantage of sunset backlight even a hazy day can work. Haze “simplifies” the landscape, eliminating lots of details and presenting it just like an overlay of crests. At the beginning of November, a couple of years ago, I was on a daily journey in the Oltrepò, a hilly area between Apennines and Pianura Padana. On the way back home, just before the sunset, I was near Serra del Monte, a hamlet at the very border between Piemonte and Lombardia. The Alps appeared at the horizon, with the 3841 metres of Monviso standing above the surrounding peaks. Below the Alps there were many other hill crests, belongint to the area of Monferrato; here and there small villages were standing with their bell towers. I shot a good deal of photos for some time past the sunset, until artificial lights started to turn on. The small village on the bottom left of the image is named Casasco.”

A simulation of the view can be found on:

simuviso.jpgAll credits go to



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