Reikyavik – Snaeffeljokull | 117 km.

This image has been submitted via our page, if you want yours as well please do it here.


By Josep Manchado
Camera Nikon D7100

Sigma Lens @ 500 mm.

Date July 29th 2007
Great start for the new category “Iceland”!
We didn’t have any picture from this beautiful island before, but Josep Manchado has surprised us with this great view of the volcano Snaeffeljokull.
The picture is taken from near Reykyavik at almost sea level. Always impressive when the silhouettes of distant peaks appear above the horizon, and even more when is it more than 100 kilometers away

Josep has also forwarded to us 2 pictures more of the same volcano but from different locations around Iceland.

The first one is taken from Grundarhverfi, that is an small village located North of the country’s main town, Reikyavik:

Grundarhverfi_105km15m.jpgThis picture shows the volcano at 105 km. away

The second picture is taken a little closer, from Latrabjarg, located in the shoreline and the Westernmost point of Iceland:

Latrabjarg_85km150m.jpgThis picture shows the volcano at 85 km. away

Very clear air and impressive to see the glaciers covering a volcano. Thank you Josep for sharing with us!


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