St. Beaume – Canigó | 302 km.

This image has been submitted via our page, if you want yours as well please do it here.


By Antoine Mangiavacca
Camera Nikon D600
Lens ED80 APO Refractor Telescope
Date October 29th 2015
High quality input this time from Antoine, Canigó from St. Beaume at 302 km. A classic view that never gets old and even more with this image with superb detail and contrasts.
Antoine quotes: “A wonderful dusk that revealed a clear view of the Canigou and his surrounding, thanks to “udeuschle” I was able to know the max distance of this picture which is 302km. I was theoretically able to see mountains near 320km but they were hidden by clouds.”


Archives from Meteociel for October 30th at 0000UTC is as follows:


All credits go to / Réanalyses NCEP 2.5º

We have choosen the time mark of October 30th 0000UTC as this picture was taken on the afternoon and this is the closest point to the original image date.

A big ridge and a system of high pressure is set over South Europe leading to clear air a higher than usual temperatures, a typical sign of increasing visibility dua to our experience.

Antoine has also done this magnificient simulation of the view:

All credits go to Antoine /

And we also have received this panoramic view of the conditions around Canigó the day of this sighting:



4 thoughts on “St. Beaume – Canigó | 302 km.

    1. Hola Toni. No se porqué no se quiere entender lo de la refracción… Y me sorprende que se utilizen las fotos de distancia para argumentar a favor de la planitud de la Tierra cuando precisamente las fotos ayudan para darse cuenta de lo contrario..


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