La Almolda – PN Posets Maladeta | 140 km.


By Juanjo Diaz de Argandona
Camera Nikon D5100 @ ISO100 – 1/640
Lens Sigma 70 – 300 DG APO @ 135 mm. – f./6.3
Date April 03rd 2015
In the village of La Almolda, next to the famous spanish city of Zaragoza, there is an ancient monastery on top an small hill (590 meters above sea level), with some of the greatest short-sight views of the Pyrenees.
From left to right, an overall view of National Park Posts Maladeta, starting with Cotiella peak, then Posets, Perdiguero, and the King of the Pyrenees, Aneto.

Labeling the peaks shown in the image we can recognize some of the most important summits in the range:


Ulrich Deuschle has a simulation of this view here:

All credits go to

Looking in spanish topography service IBERPIX, we can see the hill next to the village (to the North, next to the “radio” laber in the map), at a height of 590 meters above sea level.


All credits go to Instituto Geografico Nacional

A paved road lead us to the top of the mountain so there is no need of trekking and it is very convenient as all the equipment can be carried in the car.


2 thoughts on “La Almolda – PN Posets Maladeta | 140 km.

  1. Hola Juanjo,
    Gracias por compartir esta foto y otras muchas. Una pequeña corrección. Pones La Almoda, en lugar de La Almolda.
    Pep Puig


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