Beyond Horizons

Bieszczady – Pietrosul Rodnei | 216 km.


By Radoslaw Wierzbinski
Camera Nikon D90 @ ISO800 – 1/15
Lens 70 – 300 @ 300 mm. – f./9
Date December 31st 2015
Another great picture from Radoslaw is what we have here this time. And this is an special picture.
Just because the peak portrayed here is geometrically not visible from the observation point (the highest peak in Poland). That small Romanian peak is appearing due to refraction, that curves the light beams across the atmosphere and allows hidden objects to show as if they were visible.
A great example of how refraction is something to very care about in distant observations.

Another picture can be found here, with amazing colors of a hidden sun, a moment that is tipically asociated with refractions effects, as cold air sinks during night on high pressure conditions twisting light beams.

More information on refraction and its effects on distant observations can be found here.