Montmalus – Mont Aigoual | 235 km.


By Jordi Solé
Camera Nikon D7000
Lens 280mm f4
Date October 29th 2012
View from Montmalus (2.781m, Andorra) to Mont Aigoual (1.565m, Massif Central, France) 235 km.

Mont Aigoual is a peak in south eastern France, in the Cevennes National Park.  It is said that from the summit a quarter of France can be seen, from the Alps to the Pyrennes and the Mediterranean.  It is also famous for dangerously erratic weather:

  • Minimum Temperature : -28 °C
  • Maximum wind speed : 360 km/h
  • Maximum rain in 24 hours: 607 mm
  • Maximum snow during one year : 10.24 metres
  • Rain days: 170
  • Fog days: 241

Montmalus is a good belvedere both North and South directions: Southwards the city of Barcelona can be seen (Tibidabo, 125km).  In extremely good seeing conditions the island of Majorca should be visible (Puig Major, 314km), but it has never been photographed at daytime.  The lights on the top of Puig Major, a military radar base, where photographed at night by me the at the same time  I took the image of mount Aigoual (see this link).  The distance between Aigoual and Puig Major is 550km!

The building in the foreground is the former SUD-Radio transmitting station and antennas, build in the 1960s close to port d’Envalira pass (2.407m) and the ski area of Pas de la Casa.

This image above  is not cropped, it’s made from two horizontal images merged with panorama stitching software.  To compare this image with the 3D simulation of Ulrich deuschle website click here.

General distribution of the sightning

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