Penyagolosa – Puig Campana | 181 km.


By Juanjo Diaz de Argandoña
Camera Nikon D5100 @ ISO160 – 1/800
Lens ED80 APO Refractor Telescope
Date January 3rd 2015 – 12:30
Once again a distant horizons picture from the summit of Penyagolosa peak in Castellón, one of the best mountains for our purposes, with distant horizons in every direction. This time, looking south.

What was a family mountain trip for me (just for a little walking with no photography purposes) became in the first pictures of 2015, and looking very good to be published here inmediatly.

The view, looking South passes over Mediterranean sea East of Valencia:


Christmas 2015 in Spain have passed with very clear skies, due to a high pressure anticyclone covering SW of Europe, which has not been related with good visibility in my previous sights.

This time I decided to go as very good humidity maps were published, finding that high pressure in the area will keep humidity and pollution close to Earth’s surface, allowing air in upper layers on the atmosphere to be clean and clear. For now on, high pressure anticyclons will also be considered as a great visibility chance.

In the picture, not only Puig Campana can be seen, but many other mountain ranges closer and lower in the bottom of the picture, together with ships waiting at the entrace of Valencia’s port and coastal locations:


From Benidorm, at the bottom of Puig Campana, the mountain can be seen this way, taking special notice with the “missing part” at the left side:



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